Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I can't talk to anyone bc the only thoughts that go through my head lately are like, "Yes, Jeffrey Campbells with a lucite heel are a great styling investment" and "You know, Bad Religion was a pretty good band, yeah, seriously, I like Bad Religion" and like, "Embellished baseball caps, yes or no?" and like, "Kush is a solid font choice."

Feels sort of Patrick Bateman esque.

Sometimes like, my mind wanders to other things like "life" things, not really "deep" things though, just like, "All my relationships are doomed" and like, "I don't really fantasize about other people during sex, but I sometimes fantasize about other people during banal conversations, and by sometimes, I mean always."

Just in case you were wondering, the form of communication I feel most comfortable with is the text message.

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