Saturday, May 25, 2013


I like when you're talking to a person and they're like, "Remember so and so" like let's say the persons name is Julie, like "Hey, remember Julie?" and you're like umm no I don't think so, and then they're like, "YES YOU DO!!!!!! Julie blahblahblah!l" and then they tell you a bunch of like personal and physical information about the person and then you're like, "Yeah, I'm sorry, like, I don't know who that is." Then they start rolling their eyes and are like "I'm gonna look up her facebook, hold on" and then you make a face like you're thinking, and you go, "Ohhhhh, Julie blahblahblah. Yeah, I remember now haha." and then the person puts their phone down and starts laughing and is like, "YES, see! I told you! You always want to argue," and then you're like, yeah, it's ME that likes to argue, haha, but you just smile and nod and maybe even make some type of "joke" like "Yeah, I should have been a litigator haha," and the other person's like "yeah, haha" and you feel really satisfied that you remembered that you can just lie to people when you don't want to talk anymore.

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