Saturday, September 28, 2013

This thing keeps happening where I do stuff and then have no recollection of doing it, but it's not like I'm on drugs, I mean, I'm always sort of, I'm on drugs, but I'm not "on drugs" you know? But, what I'm saying is, it's probably not related to drug use. Like earlier, I went to the liquor store and I had my dog in the car, and then, everything after that is a, I don't remember how I got home, or like, if my dog is in the house, know...I mean, I don't remember anything. I bought some chapstick, or, not chapstick but Smith's Rosebud Salve. That's the only thing I know for sure.


I don't remember anything I post on this blog. I felt really sad about the "Hurts So Good" thing. I've also been wondering about...I hear the high school band playing...I'm gonna say that I hear it playing almost constantly everyday between the hours of 5AM and 7PM. I thought, for sure, that couldn't be right. Like, I thought, for sure that's an auditory hallucination. Someone mentioned it the other day though, they mentioned, also hearing it constantly and then I felt better sort of.

I also feel like every time I have sex, the dude is playing Sea Change. Again, not sure if that's real.


I feel like, in my head, like, the song that would be playing on a loop would be, ugh...I don't know, "New Dawn Fades" or something, but you don't get to pick what song is playing. The soundtrack of your life is always chosen by "other" lol, like the stranger you're fucking or whatever mechanism chooses songs at walmart. God? Is it god? I don't know. What I'm saying, guys is, you don't get to choose the songs. God chooses the songs.

Also, I may not be a virgin, but my drink is(nt either, actually, jk).






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