Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

SRS. I would have texted you. If you don't have my number get it, get on my text "roster" lol. You can get holiday messages, tits and more J.K. about the tits part.


This is for you "ILY."



What did 'y'all' see? I'll tell you what I saw. Are 'y'all' superstitious?


  1. I saw "love", "money", and "honesty". Then I saw "friends". Guess I'm fucked again. lol.

    I'm not really a "texter".

  2. I saw the exact same words, lol. You might think "everyone sees those words" not so, lol. I saw this thing where like 50 ppl posted the words they saw and not one posted "love" "money" and "honesty" so..."sci fi" not that this exercise means anything it's just "cute" and "fun" like psychics/astrology.

    I'm pretty much only a texter. Like, texting or like "irl" are the only ways I like to communicate with people lol. Teenage as fuck.

    I literally had like an hour long convo about uroclub with my "bff" yesterday involving like in depth analysis and screenshots.

  3. i just scrolled really fast passed the stupid thing.

  4. Came back, looked at it this time--because i was feeling like a grumpy dick about it--and spotted the words: love/success/experience.

  5. Sometimes I feel like we are spiritual siamese twins.

    Texting makes me feel weird when I text more than like 3 responses to the other person. I'm deff a gmail girl.

    The best part about that infomercial was the creepy old guy (cog) with his intro.

    Have you seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show?

  6. I was gonna say something involving the word "grumpy." Wasn't so bad, right? It's fun, harmless dumb.

    My favorite part of the infomercial is when he covers his dick with a towel, and is like "Don't worry, I'm just 'checking my club' no homo."

  7. And oh, yeah, I've seen Tim and Eric Awesome Show. The guy who shot my thesis film worked on it. He was a complete dick. He needs a uroclub beating.

  8. What the fuck are you talking about.

  9. The two paragraphs are unrelated, the first one is like, "I almost said, jesus Jereme, you curmudgeon motherfucker," but then that was unnecessary bc you beat me to it, so I was just like, "it wasn't that bad" regarding doing the dumb word search.

    The second paragraph is a response to Gene.

    I don't know if that makes the response more like legible, but whatever. This is as good as it gets.

  10. Jereme, I think this "Raye" chick is on drugs. She's not making any sense. Don't trust her. All hail uroclub.

  11. Yeah, I understood the first part. The second part was like a chinese woman asking me for directions to an enchanted world i've never heard or seen before.