Saturday, August 23, 2014

Do you all know any stories about selling one's soul to the devil? Aside from the obvious, like Robert Johnson, Goethe's Faust etc. It can be anything like a book, a film, a personal account, whatever. This is just what I'm into right now.

Friday, August 8, 2014

So, like, to quote my bff, "This is a 40 yr old mom move," but I can't recommend enough that you make this brussels sprouts salad:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting to this point where your inner self has retreated to a place that's no longer accessible to others. Like, living in this way where....who you are, and who you are with other people no longer have anything to do with one another.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm going to be in Austin for the next five days.

On the one hand, the entire fucking city is just like, a mine field of ghosts from the past and unresolved emotional shit.

On the other hand,  I filled my entire "TSA COMPLIANT QUART POUCH" with liquor, and girls just want to have fun.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm so into looking like a space alien right now. I mean, like, not personally, I still wear black and white everyday, but I'm into the idea of it. Like the midcentury sort of like space age look. I'm also sort of into, like, the late 90s, y2k, We Live in Public era also.

I feel burned out on the grunge era, maybe forever. If you see find anything space age/amazing, please send me a picture of it.

Have you ever felt a hatred for someone so great where it was almost, at times, like a physical sickness? Or, have you ever felt, like, your hatred for someone like increase to a level you never thought possible? From like, "Why don't you have a couple of drinks with a couple of oxycontin then drive home and die," to like, "If I could curb stomp your fucking face #americanhistoryx without getting in trouble, believe me I would," and it's not like a shift perceptible to anyone, but you, but, you know, they're different, they're different levels.

I don't think about shit like that cuz I'm not crazy. Just wondering if y'all do.

Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm finally getting around to "cleaning up" this blog and like  making a "design" for it, because I have a bunch of old writing I want to publish on it, that I had originally started writing as short stories and then a novel, but if I'm being honest, they're short stories, and not a novel, and I'm just gonna publish them here or something, but it's pretty overwhelming and I'm really good at failing and fucking up and never finishing anything/honoring commitments but not before like literal years have passed, so who knows.

Monday, June 16, 2014

R: Just keep thinking, like, "My ball career is over."


R: Like, you know, I'll never be a baller (shot caller).

A:  LOL, maybe don't go to Portland. Maybe you should stop by rehab before Austin and get your ball career back on track, lol.

R: Eh....(if you got the money for a rehab cure, you ain't got a problem you can't afford...) I don't want to drop out for 28 days, I want to drop out forever, lol. I mean, really, I just want to have a party with a punch bowl.


R: At least "Secret Sex Life of A Single Mom" is playing.

A: I'm so jealous.

R: It's kind of depressing. I find "S&M" really distasteful. It seems to be about, like, hella LARPy ren faire dudes with long pontytails that dress like the columbine shooters exploiting women's daddy issues. It's so basic.

A: OMG lololol

R: I started laughing really hard earlier bc like, I was talking about this monster...

called like...batsquatch or something...

Well, first of all, shows about monsters make me sad in much the same way as "bdsm" lol. It's like, I have a preoccupation with monsters just like I have a preoccupation with being viciously beaten, insulted and deserted, BUT...I don't relate to monster hunters or the sorts of monsters that other me just put it this way, when I think of what a monster is, what that means to me, it's not like...anything similar to what other people think of, and like, the way I have a love affair with violence, it's...It's not similar to like...anyone I've ever encountered, lol.

Anyway, the point is, batsquatch...Batsquatch is this monster alleged to live in South Texas, where A-----lives. Batsquatch. And allegedly it is a 9 ft tall "avian humanoid."


R: And I was talking to A----about it and she said, "This is 9 ft tall, imagine its wingspan..."
And then, "What would his D look like? Would it just flop around in the air when it flew?"

And that was the funniest thought like, ever.

A: lololololololol

R: Like, when I think of monsters, I don't think of them being giant humanoids, or reptilian, but it just puts the retarded monsters of other people's dreams in context.

Like all the popular monsters would have giant dicks flopping around, I think.

Like batsquatch, sasquatch, godzilla, et al. Like why doesn't anyone describe the giant flopping dicks of these creatures in "sightings."

A: Batsquatch big floppin dick pissin on crowds of people.

R: Lol just like raining down piss flying in a circle in the air screaching. Jerking off on ppl.

A: OMG lololol

R: All the monsters people think of are like, Lenny from of mice and men but with wings and/or fur.

A: lololololol

R: When I think of a monster it's like something that defies like logic/comprehension. I can't describe exactly what a monster would be bc it's incomprehensible, but like, I'd know it if I saw it.

A: OMG me too.

R: I'm laughing at this movie, it's like predator vision.

A: OMG I love predator vision.

R: It's not predator vision like camera wise, like POV or whatever, but it's like predator faces. Like a man explaining "S&M" and making predator faces in a suit.

I guess mainstream monsters and bdsm also have the common problem of like dicks flopping in situations where one is meant to feel fear.

A: lolololololol

My roommate just informed me that this man (Tinder photo deleted for predator privacy) is 600 ft away and lookng for sex. Predator vision.

(Tinder photo deleted for predator privacy)

R: I can't stop laughing. That guy is, like, more obviously a murderer than anyone I've ever seen.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I don't believe in empathy, I don't think that goes without saying. Like, I think that's an important "piece of the puzzle" in understanding "who I am" and how I interact with/relate to others.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Party in the USA

I'm driving to Texas this weekend, if you wanna come,  Hit Me Up, or, you know, just hit me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"Piss is the new cum," he says. I stare at him for a long time with a blank facial expression. I watch him watching me, and then I start laughing, and then he starts laughing.

We sit together laughing and looking at each other, and looking at each other and laughing, but we aren't sharing anything except an action.

People always get it wrong. They think they can know the unknowable. They think they can "read between the lines."  Why you are ever REALLY laughing, or smiling, or crying. What you're REALLY thinking, and who you REALLY are. We're both in the same place doing the same thing and that is, of course, all either of us could possibly REALLY know, besides piss is the new cum, anyway.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is where my blog is going to be now. I'll decorate it and put all the posts up from my other blog at some point, I just haven't felt like writing much, and can't justify paying for hosting or something. K. Bye.

Monday, February 3, 2014

You know how people say, "Seeing is believing?" It's really the other way around.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I went out to breakfast and I saw this old dude, must've been like 85, his body was literally shaped like a question mark, and he sat down with an orthopedic back support cushion thing and got a pot of coffee and got all cozy and then he realized he forgot his teeth and had to go home.  Pretty much the most devastating thing I've ever seen.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

I feel like some people think that, like, being a total dickhead and like rat fucking all the energy in the room with weird, like, tantrums makes them seem more "legitimate" or something. Like, "Oh, that person must be 'talented' and 'important' cause otherwise they wouldn't be able to get away with being garbage in the form of an animated carcass." I love it.


And also this....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Letting your personal and professional relationships deteriorate almost to a point of no return, turning them around at the last possible moment and then letting it happen all over again forever until infinity, basically.

Sunday, January 5, 2014



Today 11:01 AM

42 Bear GIFS That Will Give You Life in 2014

Im sorry. This is a 45 yr old mom move, but i need you to see how cute this is


Today 1:02PM

Dude. I kept like clutching my chest and like coughing. Like smiling uncontrollably and clutching my chest and coughing. Like i had so many feelings that just materialized as like...coughing

That was out of control. Last night I started thinking about the inside of my body, you know, like, as meat, like a meat carcass being animated by "something" and I started freaking out and looking at pictures of cadavers until I fell asleep and it was so much less intense than looking at those gifs


Omg what lolololol



Ugh. God. Sea creatures.

So magical


Like, imagine discovering that



No shit

I just like don't like thinking about what's inside of my body. Like, the meats inside my body lol. That's why I'm freaked out by hospitals and blood and teeth and stuff. Like youre just a thing being animated somehow and when you arent animated anymore youre just a meat carcass full of meat and blood lol. I "freak out" sometimes thinking about whats inside of people and I was trying to desensitize myself by looking at pictures of what's inside of people lol.

It worked kind of. Skin should be made of like a clear material so you can just see all that stuff lol


Omg that lights up and is translucent


Yeah lol

Like jelly sandals


Lol Jelly sandal skin


Like clear with glitter lol


And lights lol


Lololol like omg imagine if your organs were lights instead of  types of meats

That would be so much better lol


And yr lips and face was translucent with glitter



Like your heart beat was just like a light blinking on and off


And yr tongue was a light and your teeth just looked floating



And your intestines were like those raver glow tubes

I want to build a human out of jelly material and lights lol


Can we plz? With a perm



We need like a scientist

I should call R----


Call R--- and be like, 'i know it's been a while but I have an important proposition"


Like, hey, remember when we used to have violent sex and i would like sometimes take a lot of medication with alcohol and like start crying and scream at you that you're a motherfucker and stuff, and then I told you I didn't want to talk to you anymore because you're an asshole that hates breakfast and like you're not the kind of person I could be 'in a relationship with' only the kind of person I should text 'Are you up? to drunkenly at 3 AM?

I'm really sorry about all of that, I was having a 'manic episode' but NEWAYZ, I've got a proposition for you


"As an important scientist this would interest you"



"I want to build a cadavar out of lights and jelly sandals and you're the first person I thought of."




I know  you think I'm insane and a sociopath, but I really can't stress enough...this is a GREAT opportunity.


"Think of your future"


His birthday is coming up, "Hi, happy birthday, I have a proposition for you"





We gotta find a different scientist, lol.


Can we draw it?


Yeah, isn't your man going to be a doctor or something? He must know all about anatomy. He can help us, lol. Then we can post an ad on craigslist involving the words "scientist" and "important opportunity"


I'll propose it to him over dinner




I feel like we should ask A---- to go over the border and propose this to some mexican doctors



I mean, in reality all this would require is like a picture of a body and like plastic and LED lights, but I want every activity to seem "important" and "sinister" and "clandestine"

God, imagine when we live in twin houses connected by a joint pool and waterslides hangin' out with our plastic light cadaver. What a beautiful future.




Just keep thinking of like the light cadaver swimming in like a scroodge mcduck hidden room full of coins.


lolololol omfg can you imagine the cadaver just floating down the lazy river providing light

holding cocktails


Also keep having a panicked "what's wrong with me" type feeling wondering why I'm not discussing golf and my stock portfolio and banging bitches without condoms, and why my 'self concept' is that of a straight affluent white man?





"This week I mainly thought about corpses doing animated things," I thought.

Like, "This week my thoughts were dominated by forcibly animated corpses."


And lazy rivers and money


Typical. Lololol.

Like thoughts of "floating" floating on rivers/money/teeth floating in mouths, meat, corpses, light corpses, meat corpses.


Like, my brain is made of like a black hole and the black hole is made of a cauldron and the cauldron is made of violence/meat/meatblood confetti/pornography and childish gifs of like sea monsters, baby animals and fireworks.


Thank god tho for real. Imagine thinking about stocks or football or golfsxtooxmuchx

(sans uroclub)


I can't imagine that. I always think about...there's this place in WA, well there's the boat parade and then there's the senske lights I've taped them before, I always think about taking people there and like having cocktails, or like 'sucking face' when I think about people I like I think about nauseatingly cute and childish things with them, but then, also, when I really like a person....I feel equally attracted to the idea of like magic and making out in front of Christmas lights and just being really nice to that person until we grow old together and die at the same time, but then, also, I just want the person to like beat in my head with a blunt object until my face is like a black hole full of a blood fountain collapsing in on itself. "Just saying."

What a goose I am!


What a goose!!!! How much is the uroclub? Can we get one together?


I think it's like $49.95 USD






"In the horrifying calculus of self-deception, the greater the pain we inflict on others, the greater the need to justify it to maintain our feelings of decency and self-worth. Because our victims deserved what they got, we hate them even more than we did before we harmed them, which in turn makes us wish to inflict even more pain on them..."